Advantages and Special Requirements of CNC Lathe

1. Advantages of CNC lathe

(1) Accuracy advantage

Ordinary lathes are driven by gears and ordinary nuts. Due to the gap between the kinematic pairs and the imprecision of manual operation, the repeatability is low. During the measurement of ordinary lathes, manual measurement is required after stopping, and the measurement error is relatively large.

The machine CNC lathe is driven by a ball screw driven by a drive motor. The ball screw is pre-stretched after installation, and there is no backlash in the transmission, ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool and the program. In the machining process, the encoder is used for position measurement, which can compensate for tool wear and other reasons. Therefore, the processing quality is great and the accuracy is stable.

(2) Mass production efficiency advantage

Ordinary lathes require skilled operators. Due to the manual three-jaw chuck, manual measurement must be performed after shutdown, which results in low processing efficiency. Under the premise of mass production and clamping of hydraulic chucks or spring chucks, a worker who does not understand any technology can operate at least two CNC lathes at the same time. The production efficiency is more than four times that of ordinary lathes.

(3) Qualified rate advantage

Because ordinary lathes are operated manually, the human influence is quite large. Once the operator's physical condition is not good or the mind is not concentrated, the waste rate of the product will rise sharply. CNC lathes mainly rely on equipment to ensure machining accuracy. The operator is basically only responsible for loading and unloading workpieces and switches. Human influence is small, so the product qualification rate is relatively high.

2. Special requirements for CNC lathes

Generally speaking, there are no special requirements for the use of CNC lathes. They can be placed in the production workshop like ordinary machine tools. However, direct sunlight and other heat radiation must be avoided, and places with over humidity or dust must be avoided, especially avoid corrosive gas locations. Corrosive gases are most likely to cause corrosion and deterioration of electronic components, or cause poor contact or short circuits between components, finally affect the normal operation of the machine tool. So it has to keep away from vibration equipment, such as punches, forging equipment, etc, which is suitable for high-precision CNC machine tools, anti-vibration measures (such as anti-vibration ditch) should also be taken away.

The CNC lathe does not have any special requirements for the power supply. Generally speaking, they can fluctuate by 10%. However, due to the specific situation of my country's power supply, not only the power supply fluctuates in a large range (sometimes far more than 10%), but also the quality is poor, and AC power is often superimposed. Some high-frequency clutter signals can be clearly observed with an oscilloscope, and sometimes transient interference signals with large amplitudes appear, which will damage the programs or parameters of the CNC system and affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Using the dedicated circuit power supply of the CNC lathe (used separately from the low-voltage power distribution room of the CNC lathe) or increasing the voltage stabilization method can reduce the impact of power quality and reduce electrical interference.

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