Ai -Creation? Manufacture? Where Should The Development Of Machine Tool Industry Go In The Future?

Industry from January to September decreased by 5.2% year-on-year, and that of measuring tool and meter industry from January to September increased by 2.3% year-on-year. China's machine tool industry has always adhered to the road of independent development, and its overall level has been improved rapidly. In the future development planning of enterprises, there are also two ideas of "AI-creation" and "manufacturing". AI-creation group: "intelligent manufacturing" is used to help the development of machine tools. At present, the rapid development of 5g network, industrial Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, the new generation of artificial intelligence, and other technologies provide the basis for machine tools to move forward to "AI-creation". Manufacturing School: technology development needs to accumulate and consolidate basic skills. Some other enterprises think that for the machine tool industry, which needs a long time of accumulation, it is more necessary to do it in a down-to-earth manner and lay a solid manufacturing foundation at present. The core technology of the important parts of the machine tool needs to be polished step by step, which can not be replaced by intelligence. The author thinks that "manufacturing" is the foundation, while "intelligent manufacturing" is the trend. As long as it is in line with the actual situation of the enterprise, it is not important to which direction the development focus is. China's machine tool industry is in the period of development and transformation, so it is necessary to combine the two and make more attempts and explorations. Only by strengthening cooperation and inclusive development can machine tool enterprises embrace more possibilities.

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