Analysis on Common Fault​ of CNC Turing Lathe System

Ⅰ. Common faults of CNC turning lathe system

CNC turning lathe system faults can also be divided into mechanical faults and electrical faults. Because the same fault phenomenon may be caused by both electrical fault and mechanical fault, so when analyzing the fault of CNC turning lathe, we should first determine the fault category (mechanical fault or electrical fault), and then further find the fault point.

For the analog spindle, the common faults phenomena are: spindle does not turn, spindle speed is slow, thread processing appears messy teeth, etc. From the maintenance point of view, mastering the hardware connection and control principle of spindle control system is the foundation of maintenance work.

Some electrical components of the spindle system include spindle motor, drive, CNC equipment, spindle speed checking equipment, and quasi-stop equipment. Easy to fail is the spindle motor, spindle speed inspection equipment, quasi-stop equipment.

Ⅱ. CNC turning lathe system fault diagnosis method

Generally speaking, the mechanical fault of the system of the CNC turning lathe is easy to be detected, while the difficulty of confirming the diagnosis of electrical fault is greater. The common technical means is through the spindle monitoring page for fault diagnosis. Spindle monitoring page can be by pressing the CNC system function key [SYSTEM], then press the expansion soft key below the CNC system display, find and press the [SP setting] soft key to appear the spindle monitoring interface. The spindle alarm information column provides the spindle and spindle motor alarm information that is displayed instantly when the spindle alarm occurs. In the serial spindle maintenance process, the spindle monitoring page allows you to visually understand the spindle drive, spindle motor, spindle encoder feedback and other related troubleshooting information, and then troubleshoot the problem by consulting the maintenance manual in a targeted manner.

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