Automobile manufacturing industry

Automobile manufacturing industry

The automobile industry is the locomotive driving the development of the machine tool industry. The whole automobile manufacturing industry tests the overall level of precision machine tools。The The automobile industry requires the machine tool industry to provide a series of advanced EDM machines, such as precision five-axis gantry type and bed type high-speed milling machines. Based on batch production, it is characterized by automatic production line, and the core technology is system integration technology, which integrates process systems, a logistics system, and an information systems into an automatic production line. The ability to provide modern flexible automatic line of engine assembly (PT) has become the symbol of the world's top machine tool manufacturing enterprises, Batch production also needs efficient special machine tools and special automatic production lines. The basic requirements for machine tools are high rigidity, high speed, and high power, all equipped with super hard tools. The basic characteristics of high-efficiency special machine tools are "tailor-made", that is to provide personalized products according to the needs of users. Its technical difficulty is much higher than that of general machine tools. In the world, it has developed to provide a total solution at present. Due to batch production, high precision retention is also required. When the automobile industry checks and accepts machine tools, it is necessary to not only check the accuracy of single processing but also check its accuracy retention, that is, check its process capability index (CPK value), Due to the fierce competition, there are strict requirements for reducing the manufacturing cost, which requires continuous innovation of processing technology and equipment. For example, lean machines, agile fixtures, and intelligent tools are used for compound machining, and machining is transformed into less, noncutting, and non-traditional machining. This has also led to the improvement of the innovation ability of the machine tool industry.

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