Characteristics of Chinese CNC Lathe

Today, cnc lathe machine China has the following characteristics.

The core CNC technology is more intelligent. It is reported that in the new industrial exhibition, the intelligent control system of CNC lathe independently developed by our country has received great attention. This system integrates information, motion control, electronics, machine tools and other technologies, and realizes the core functions of intelligent, automatic and digital management of CNC lathe.

Humanization can meet the needs of customers. In addition to complying with the industry standards, the CNC lathe produced in China has been greatly improved in precision, efficiency, stability and other aspects. What is more valuable is that the integrated module design is easier to maintain, meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent, and making the control of the CNC lathe more humanized.

With a large population, China is the most populous country in the world, with a large number of labor force, which makes China the largest processing and manufacturing market. In recent years, the domestic attention to the brake production mode of manufacturing industry, the application and demand of CNC lathe is also increasing. As an indispensable mainstream equipment in automatic production, the independent production and operation of CNC lathe is closely related to the development of China's manufacturing industry. Therefore, the emergence of domestic CNC lathe is imperative.

With the development of these years, cnc lathe machine China has a certain scale. Since the 1980s, China has introduced relevant equipment and technology at the first time, which is ready to transform China's manufacturing industry and industry from "extensive" to "intensive". Although the CNC lathe has been gradually used, the precise CNC core technology and equipment are still in the hands of developed countries. This shows that the development of China's manufacturing industry in key regions has to be controlled by others. Sparing no effort to catching up with this dilemma, serving the manufacturing industry better, and demonstrating the strength and essence of China's manufacturing industry, China's cnc machine tool manufacturers and operating manufacturers are united in their efforts to catch up with the domestic CNC lathe.

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