Comprehensive CNC Machining Center

The CNC machine center is a high-efficiency automated machine tool that is composed of mechanical equipment and a CNC system and is suitable for processing complex parts. The CNC machine center is currently one of the most widely used CNC machine tools in the world. Its comprehensive processing ability is strong. After the workpiece is clamped at a time, more processing contents can be completed, and the processing accuracy is high. In particular, it can complete many processing that cannot be completed by ordinary equipment, and it is a single piece with more complex shapes and high precision requirements. It is more suitable for processing or multi-variety production in small and medium batches. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of CNC machine centers.

1. Comprehensive functions of CNC machine center

CNC machine center is a kind of CNC machining machine with more functions. It concentrates the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads on one device, so that it has a variety of technological means. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine, which stores different numbers of various tools or inspection tools, which are automatically selected and replaced by the program during the machining process.

2. High degree of automation of CNC machine center

After the workpiece is clamped on the machining center once, the digital control system can control the machine tool to automatically select and replace the tools according to different procedures, and automatically change the spindle speed, feed, and the motion path of the tool relative to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions. Multi-process processing on several surfaces of the workpiece, and there are multiple tool change or tool selection functions.

3. High start-up utilization rate of CNC machine center

Due to the concentration of processes and automatic tool change, the CNC machine center reduces the time of workpiece clamping, measurement and machine tool adjustment, so that the cutting time of the CNC machine tools reaches about 80% of the machine start time (normal machine tool is only 15-20%). At the same time, it also reduces the workpiece turnover, handling and storage time between processes, shortens the production cycle, and has obvious economic effects. The CNC machine center is suitable for small and medium batch production with complex parts, high precision requirements, and frequent product replacement.

4. The precision of CNC machine center is higher

The machining quality of the CNC machine center is stable, and the production efficiency is high in the case of multi-variety and small-batch production. It can reduce the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the use of the best cutting amount, and some conventional methods are difficult to process complex profiles, and even process some unobservable processing parts.

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