Daily Maintenance and regular inspection of Machining Center

In the use of equipment, daily maintenance and regular inspections are essential. Good maintenance can keep the equipment in a good working condition, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

1. Daily maintenance and repair of machining center

(1) The grounding protection system of the machining center should have perfect continuity to ensure personal safety.

(2) Machining center manufacturers should perform regular inspections on vital parts such as circuit breakers, contactors, single-phase or three-phase arc extinguishers of machining centers. If the wiring is loose and the noise is too loud, find out the cause and eliminate hidden dangers.

(3) Ensure the normal operation of the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet of the machining center, otherwise the vital parts may be damaged.

(4) The fuse is blown and the air switch frequently trips. The cause should be found and eliminated in time.

(5) Servo drive battery replacement

Absolute system data is maintained by the servo drive battery. When the battery voltage is too low (warning 9F), the drive battery needs to be replaced. Please order a battery unit of the same model as soon as possible and keep the drive power on. Please turn on the power of the drive unit 30 minutes before replacing the battery and complete the battery replacement within 1 hour.

Special attention is needed: the maintenance and repair of equipment should be carried out by professional engineers.

2. Periodic inspection items of machining center

(1) The bearing state of the spindle running at the rated maximum speed-vibration meter

(2) Equipment level detection-level meter

(3) X/Y/X axis mutual perpendicularity detection-square box/square

(4) X/Y/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy detection-laser interferometer (automatic compensation can be made depending on the equipment brand)

(5) X/Y/Z axis cumulative error detection-laser interferometer (automatically compensated depending on the equipment brand)

(6) 300m radial runout detection of spindle

(7) Detection of perpendicularity between spindle and worktable

(8) X/Y/Z axis ball screw bearing state detection

(9) X/Y/Z axis screw state detection

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