Development History Review and Future Forecast of CNC Lathe Machine Industry

With the birth and successful application of CNC machine tools, CNC lathe machines have become an effective manufacturing platform for flexible automation and high-precision machining and entered a comprehensive development period. Machine tool is an industrial master machine and a machine to manufacture machines. 

Its development directly restricts the level of national manufacturing industry. The breakthrough of CNC system technology provides conditions for the progress of lathe machine CNC. Now let's review the development history of CNC machine tools.

Review 1: in the 1950s - 1970s, the electronic components was developed rapidly

In 1952, MIT developed the first numerical control machine tool in the world, which was a three-axis numerical control machine tool driven by an electronic tube numerical control device and a hydraulic servo motor.

Review 2: in the 1970s - 1990s, the CNC system was further improved

In the 1970s, computer technology experienced a breakthrough process from large-scale integrated circuit to small-scale computer to microprocessor technology, with relatively complete functions and low-cost numerical control devices, which can be integrated with interpolation units, programmable controllers and other computer numerical control systems.

Review 3: in the 21st century, intelligent technology has become the mainstream

Intelligent technology is the promotion of numerical control technology and also a higher stage of development direction on the basis of today's digital control technology. Intellectualization can improve the function and quality of CNC machine tools, and make the processing better, faster and more skillful. In this period, CNC machine tool technology has entered into a higher stage of compounding, refinement, intelligence, green and networking, and is moving towards the combination of agile manufacturing and virtual manufacturing.

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