Do You Know the Classification of Boring Machine?

Classification of boring machines are as follows.

1. Horizontal boring machine

Horizontal boring machine is one of the most widely used boring machines. It is mainly for hole processing, the boring accuracy can reach IT7, and the surface roughness Ra value is 1.6-0.8um. The main parameter of the horizontal boring machine is the spindle diameter. The boring shaft is arranged horizontally and performs axial feed, the headstock moves vertically along the front column guide rail, and the worktable moves longitudinally or horizontally for boring processing. This kind of machine tool is widely used and relatively economical. It is mainly used for hole processing of box (or bracket) parts and other processing surface processing related to holes.

2. Jig boring machine

Jig boring machine is a kind of high precision machine tool. Its structural feature is a precision measuring device with coordinate positions. The coordinate boring machine can be divided into single-column coordinate boring machine, double-column coordinate boring machine and horizontal coordinate boring machine. The boring machine with precise coordinate positioning device is mainly used for boring holes with high requirements in size, shape, and especially position accuracy. It can also be used for precision coordinate measurement, template marking, scale and other tasks.

Single-column coordinate boring machine: The spindle drives the tool to make the main rotation movement, and the spindle sleeve makes the feed movement in the axial direction. Features: Simple structure, convenient operation, especially suitable for processing precision holes of plate-shaped parts, but its rigidity is poor, so this structure is only suitable for small and medium-sized coordinate boring machines.

Double-column coordinate boring machine: The tool is installed on the main shaft for main movement, and the workpiece is installed on the worktable to move longitudinally and linearly along the bed guide rail. Large-scale jig boring machines adopt this structure for its good rigidity. The main parameter of the double-column coordinate boring machine is the width of the worktable. 

Horizontal coordinate boring machine: The worktable can rotate in the horizontal plane, and the feed movement can be realized by the longitudinal movement of the worktable or the axial movement of the spindle. Therefore, its machining accuracy is high.

3. Diamond boring machine

It is characterized by small feed rate and high cutting speed for processing, so the processed workpiece has high dimensional accuracy (IT6), and the surface roughness can reach 0.2 microns. It is a boring machine that uses diamond or cemented carbide tools for precision boring.

4. Deep hole drilling and boring machine

The deep hole drilling and boring machine itself has strong rigidity, good precision, wide spindle speed range, and its feed system driven by an AC servo motor, which can meet the needs of various deep hole processing techniques. The hydraulic device is adopted for the tightening of the oil applicator and the tightening of the workpiece, and the instrument display is safe and reliable.

The following work forms can be selected:

(1) Workpiece rotation, tool rotation and reciprocating feed motion, suitable for drilling and small diameter boring;

(2) The workpiece rotates and the tool does not rotate but only reciprocates, which is suitable for boring large diameter holes and nesting processing;

(3) The workpiece does not rotate, the tool rotates and the reciprocating feed movement is suitable for drilling complex workpieces and small diameter drilling and small diameter boring.

5. Floor type boring machine

The workpiece is placed on the floor table, and the column moves longitudinally or laterally along the machine body, which is used to process large workpieces.

In addition, there are milling and boring machines that can perform milling, or deep hole drilling and boring machines that can perform drilling.

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