Influence of Foundation on CNC Machining Center

CNC machining center is a kind of high precision machine tool, the machining accuracy is required to be within 1 wire. Before the CNC lathe manufacturer has finished the inspection and delivered to the customer, the CNC machining center requires the customer to prepare for receiving work, skilled operator, safe power supply, pneumatic equipment, and stable foundation.

This paper focuses on the impact of the foundation on the CNC machining center (the foundation map of each model of the machining center is different, please ask for the foundation drawing according to the machine tool).

Some customers think that the foundation can be done or not, which has little impact on the equipment. I can tell you that this is your totally irresponsible statement for the equipment. A good foundation is very important for the stability and accuracy of the equipment in the later use. If the same equipment is put on a poor and ordinary foundation, the ground will change under the long-term daily work and gravity, then the level of our equipment will also change, this change alone will bring a fatal blow to our processing efficiency and yield. It is possible that all the products produced in this case are waste products, which is the most intolerable for the processing industry.

Therefore, I would like to advise you not to have a fluke mind, before the equipment is delivered, we must do a good job in the foundation, which will bring a lot of benefits to the later work.

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