Mould is the basic industry of the national economy, and the development level of the mould industry represents the industrial development level of a country in a sense. CNC machine tools are suitable for machining workpieces with complex shape, large size, and high precision, and the mold just belongs to this type of workpieces. Because the mold is generally complex, large in size, and high in precision, it can be processed by numerical control machine tool, which can give full play to the advantages of numerical control machine tool. With the development of modern numerical control technology, mold manufacturing is not the original manufacturing method, but the most advanced numerical control processing technology. The mold manufacturing industry needs high-speed CNC milling machines, CMM, precision EDM machine, high-precision machining center, precision grinder, etc.  Generally, the vertical machining center is selected to process the fixed model cavity, copper electrode, insert, slide block, and other parts. The dynamic model core can be processed by either a vertical machining center or a horizontal machining center. A horizontal machining center has a wide range of technology, but the price of a horizontal machining center is more expensive than that of a vertical machining center, and the processing cost is also high. Users should choose according to their own economic strength. If there is a spacious surface for machining dies surface, the machining center with multi-axis linkage should be considered. If it is used for large-scale mold processing, it is often necessary to choose the gantry machining center. If the die electrode material to be processed is graphite, the high-speed machining center with good dust-proof performance is preferred. Due to the rapid development of numerical control technology, ordinary machining centers can process 6-7 level precision parts, and precision machining centers can process 5-6 level precision parts.