Recommendation of China CNC Lathe Manufacturers

Compared with imported CNC machining centers in China, Taiwan's machine prices are cheap, and the quality can meet the needs of most people, so it is the only choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Which Chinese CNC lathe manufacturer is good? How can we select the quality CNC lathe manufactures?

1. Look at the configuration

A good CNC machining center can't do without good accessories. What kind of material is good material? Like several major parts of the CNC machining center, the spindle, screw rod, bearing, tool magazine and so on must be selected well.

2. Look at production experience

A good CNC machining center is inseparable from the practice of history. Only through continuous improvement and improvement in customer feedback can we achieve the best.

3. After-sale service

Some CNC lathe manufacturers only care about their immediate interests. After selling out, once there are problems, they will refuse each other, which can not solve the problems for customers in time, and even seriously affect the benefits of customers.

Advantages of Sealion

1. Long production time, rich experience, and product quality have passed the quality system certification, through the witness of various media. Sealion not only provides good quality processing center but also at a low price.

2. All parts of the CNC machining center are imported with original packaging, which ensures the quality of the equipment.

3. The after-sales service is very guaranteed. Only the cost is charged for the later maintenance, and there is no man-hour fee.