Reduce Machine Tool Standby Time To Improve Equipment Energy Efficiency

Because of the increasing cost of energy, the energy consumption of machine tools has attracted more and more attention. By so far, the peripheral equipment and auxiliary facilities of the equipment have been the main object of the optimization transformation measures taken in the industrial field to improve energy efficiency. At present, the energy consumption of the production equipment, especially the cutting machine tool, has not been paid enough attention to the exploration of energy-saving potential. Recently, users of cutting machine tools find that the power consumption of their processing equipment is increasing continuously, and begin to evaluate the power consumption through efficiency measurement. Energy consumption is closely related to processing rhythm. According to different processing methods, in the mode of three-shift operation, the power consumption of batch processing operation accounts for more than 97%; while in the single processing operation, the power consumption of standby time can account for up to 43% of the annual energy consumption. The fewer hours the equipment operates, the more important the measures reduce standby energy consumption are. It is effective to improve the energy efficiency of the single workpiece for batch processing operation, and the energy consumption can be reduced by 14% by closing the working door.