Selection Steps of Special Liquid for CNC Machining Center

The point of selecting the special liquid for the CNC machining center is to select its antirust property, and the general lubricity and cleaning property can basically meet the requirements.

However, the machine equipment of CNC machining center is generally very expensive, so we should choose the special liquid with better anti-rust performance and anti-corrosion performance to meet the requirements of machining parts, and at the same time, it is also necessary to select the special fluid with good anti-rust performance and anti-corrosion performance to protect the paint surface.

The following steps should be taken when selecting a special liquid:

1. Choose the kind of special cutting fluid: oil based cutting fluid or water-based cutting fluid. The main factors to be considered are workpiece material, machining quality requirements (machining accuracy and surface integrity), tool material, machine condition, machining method, cutting parameters, etc.

2. Select the type of special liquid: the processing performance, physical and chemical performance and environmental sanitation performance of the special liquid should be comprehensively considered to decide which kind of product to choose. This process is mainly based on the decision-makers' understanding of the processing environment and the basic knowledge of the special liquid. Of course, commercial factors such as credibility, supply capacity, technical services, and other commercial factors need to be considered.

3. The environmental sanitation performance and physical and chemical properties of the pre-selected special liquid products were tested.

4. The cutting experiments were carried out to evaluate the machining efficiency of the special fluid which was qualified in environmental sanitation and physical and chemical properties.

5. The varieties that have passed the above tests and tests are put on trial, and the economic evaluation is made on the basis of the trial. Generally speaking, it takes a long time (at least one liquid cycle) to reach a conclusion.

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