The Principle of CNC Turning Lathe Tool Setting

Ⅰ. The principle of CNC turning lathe tool setting

I believe that everyone is already familiar with the "knife setting" in CNC turning lathe, but few people will "deeply study" the "basic concept" contained in it. Today, I will talk about the principle of "tool setting" of CNC machine tools.

Ⅱ. Explanation of the principle of CNC turning lathe knife setting

1. Machine tool reference point: a fixed point in the CNC turning lathe, which is used to establish the datum of the machine tool coordinate system, which is determined by the machine tool manufacturer. For machine tools that use non-memorable encoders, the program of "reference point return" should be executed after power-on.

2. Machine origin: Actually it is the zero point of CNC turning lathe coordinate system. After the machine coordinate system is established, the "zero point" will also be established. It can coincide with the machine reference point, or it can be different. Generally, it can be determined through setting the "system parameters" of CNC turning lathe.

3. CNC turning lathe coordinate system: it is determined by the machine tool manufacturer. For the CNC turning lathe of non-memory encoder, it is mainly established by referring to the reference point, which is the main basis for the machine tool to establish its own components. In the entire processing process, other coordinate systems also need to pass the internal logic of the CNC turning lathe numerical control system to convert the conversion relationship into the machine coordinate system. The machine tool coordinate system is the system that can identify the coordinate system in the CNC turning lathe system.

4. Workpiece coordinate system: It is determined by the relevant programmers, and it is mainly set in consideration of the convenient execution of programming, processing, and clamping. At the same time, this is also the benchmark for programming.

5. Tool setting point: During the tool setting process, the reference datum point is usually the machining cutting point of the tool as the datum point. Through the operation and recognition of the tool setting point, the CNC turning lathe system can establish the relationship between the machine tool coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system.