The Skill of Choosing Lathe Factory

1. Reasonably determine the function of CNC machine tools

When selecting the function, we should choose the numerical control machine tool according to the specification, scale and precision of the products. We should not pursue large and complete, because the more disorderly the system is, the lower the reliability is, the higher the costs of purchase, repair and processing will be, resulting in the great waste of resources.

2. Determine the parts to be processed

According to the typical parts that need to be processed, the cnc engine lathe factory have many machine tools with good performance, but only under certain conditions can they process certain parts to achieve good results.

3. The reasonable choice of numerical control system

The numerical control system that can meet the requirements of performance parameters and reliability objectives shall be considered specifically. And the convenience of operation, programming, repair and management shall be considered.

4. Equip necessary accessories and tools

In order to give full play to the role of cnc lathe machine and enhance their processing ability, it is necessary to equip necessary accessories and cutting tools. Generally, enough cutting tools should be equipped to give full play to their functions, so that they can process multiple product varieties and avoid unnecessary use and waste.

5. Brand

Finally, the lathe factory's after-sales service, technical support, personnel training, data supporting, software support, device debugging, spare parts supply, cutting tool system and machine tool accessories should be fully considered.

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