Vertical Lathe Manufacturers: Vertical Lathe Production and Processing is an Ideal High-efficiency Machine Tool for the Production and Processing Industry Chain

The vertical lathe has compact processing structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, low material consumption, low cost of cutting blades, and convenient maintenance, which is an ideal high-efficiency machine tool for the metal cutting industry.

Vertical lathes are widely used in household appliances, instrumentation industrial parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, standard parts, rolling bearings, cameras, film machinery, hardware tools, clocks, glasses, stationery gifts, motor gate valves, water heating installation pipeline and its parts processing and manufacturing.

Ⅰ. Vertical lathe production and processing

Machining is an important part of the manufacturing process of electric motors. The precision of motor components, the precision of specifications and the surface roughness are mainly completed by means of mechanical processing.

The level of machining quality directly affects the overall quality level of the vertical lathe motor and the status of meeting the design goals, and has a great impact on the performance and service life of the motor.

Small vertical lathes are used in mass production of all mechanical equipment in small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor production plants, and machining and manufacturing machinery and equipment account for about 40% to 50%. Among the total workload required for manufacturing electric motors, machining and manufacturing account for about 25%~30%.

Parts organic seat, bearing cover, shaft, rotor support frame, rotor, stator, bearing cover, rotor, slip ring and the bottom plate of large and medium-sized motors that need to be machined and manufactured by vertical lathe, belt bearings, piston pins, etc.

How to choose the production and processing standards and production and processing plans to achieve the technical standards is the basic problem of mechanical processing and manufacturing.

Ⅱ. What are the common problems in the production and processing of vertical lathes?

1. Try to avoid unnecessary bending and toe movement, which is convenient for vertical lathe processing operations.

2. The movement direction of the operating component of the equipment and the movement direction of the operated component should meet the requirements and should be clearly marked.

3. Precise positioning and precise tightening to avoid the deviation of the vertical lathe caused by vibration.

4. Establish the necessary interlocking system to avoid risks caused by unharmonious postures in actual operation.

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