What is the Difference between CNC Center Lathe and CNC Lathe?

For numerical control center lathe and numerical control lathe, their common point is to install numerical control system on ordinary machine tool. Lathe with numerical control system is called numerical control lathe, milling machine with numerical control system is called numerical control milling machine, and cutter library is added on the top of numerical control milling machine, which is called central lathe.

In terms of the number of axes, CNC lathe controls two axes, while central lathe controls at least three axes (four or five axes);

From the processing range, centre lathe is mainly used to process rotary parts, while the central lathe is used to process some curved surface grooves;

From the perspective of tool magazine, CNC lathe does not have a tool magazine, while CNC central lathe is a machine tool with a tool magazine.

The biggest difference between CNC central lathe and CNC lathe is that the central lathe has the ability to automatically exchange processing tools. By installing different tools on the tool magazine, the machining tools on the spindle can be changed by the automatic tool changing device in one clamping process, so as to realize various processing functions. The workpiece of the central lathe is clamped at one time, which can complete all processes, so as to ensure all kinds of precision, while the CNC lathe only completes one process.

The central lathe is very powerful. It integrates the functions of milling, grinding, turning hole, and tapping. It is a comprehensive CNC machine tool product. It can be said that you can use the center lathe to make any hardware products and mold products. The power of the central lathe is far more than these, it is stable, safe, highly efficient, less human output. The product is smooth with texture and good dimensional accuracy. The quality of the center lathe is also very good, generally can use about 10 years, 10 years can bring you 9 years of benefits.

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