What Is the Difference Between CNC Lathe and General Lathe?

The processing process of CNC lathes has characteristics that general lathe cannot compare with:

1. It can greatly increase productivity

After the workpiece is clamped, input the programmed processing program. The CNC lathe will actively complete the machining process. When machining parts change, it generally only needs to change the numerical control program, so it greatly shortens the processing time, and then can increase the productivity several times more than the general lathe.

2. It has high processing accuracy and the product quality is very stable

Because the CNC lathe actively processes according to the program, the machining accuracy can also be corrected and compensated by software, so extremely high machining accuracy can be obtained. Nowadays, all the high-end, precise and cutting-edge products in various enterprises are made by CNC lathes from CNC lathe manufacturers.

3. It has a high degree of initiative, which greatly reduces labor intensity, and it dilutes the difference between physical labor and mental labor to a large extent

The operation process of the CNC lathe operator has a high technological content, which requires a higher nature of the operator and a higher skill requirement for the repairer. Operators of CNC lathes are no longer "blue-collar workers" in the previous sense. People who can operate CNC lathes are called "gray collars"; people who know how to repair CNC lathes are called "silver collars"; CNC generalists who can operate and repair are called "golden collars".

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