What Need to Know When to Buy Lathe

In recent years, the rapid development of machine tool industry and a variety of machine tool brands and products leave questions to buyers, how to choose their favorite machine tool from a large number of products? What should be considered when you are meant to buy lathe?

1. Purchase channel

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the machine tool industry has derived a variety of purchase channels, and the main channels are physical stores and manufacturers channels, network purchase and exhibition purchase.

2. Buying tips

Purchasing machine tool has certain skills. First of all you need to ensure the technical requirements of processing parts so that qualified parts can be processed. Secondly, it should be conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing production costs. Generally, the structure, load, power, stroke and accuracy of the machine tool should be considered, and the suitable and economical CNC machine tool should be selected for comprehensive consideration according to the material state, technical state requirements and process complexity of the processed parts.

3. Price

The price of machine tool largely determines the grade and quality of machine tool, so price is one of the factors that must be considered when purchasing machine tools. When you are meant to buy lathe, we must grasp the relationship between price and quality. Although there is a saying that we need compare products more than three manufacturers, we should not ignore the quality only considering price. Some purchasers will give priority to the price when purchasing machine tools and buy cheap machine tools. As a result, the quality of the machine tool they have bought is not good, so they not only need to maintain it, but also delay the processing progress. Therefore, when purchasing the machine tool, we must balance the price and performance. It is not advisable to pnly consider the price.

4. After-sales service

The producer's after-sales service is also a very important consideration when purchasing the machine. When there is a problem with the machine tool, the producer with excellent after-sales service can respond in time to help the manufacturer solve machine tool problems; on the contrary, there will be problems, for example, the response is not timely, the maintenance speed is slow and so on, which greatly extense the manufacturer's construction time.

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