Which Kind of Counterweight is Better for CNC Machining Center

The counterweight function of the CNC machining center is mainly to reduce the load of motor and screw, inhibit the heating of motor and screw, so as to ensure the machining accuracy and prolong the service life of motor and screw.

Common counterweight forms of CNC machining center:

1. counterweight iron counterweight

The weight of the counterweight iron is used to offset the weight of the spindle unit, so as to improve the fast-moving speed of the machine tool, reduce the load on the lead screw and reduce the load of the motor.

2. nitrogen cylinder counterweight

The balance system of nitrogen counterweight in the CNC machining center includes nitrogen cylinder, control system, and balance cylinder. The nitrogen cylinder is set on one side of the column, and the top of the column is equipped with a balance cylinder. The control system is connected with the balance cylinder through the gas pipe. Based on the principle of the accumulator, the balance cylinder is controlled to cooperate with the servo motor in the headstock to rise or fall. At the same time, it can balance the weight of the headstock to achieve high-speed and high-precision processing. There is no need for external power equipment to save energy. The balance weight nitrogen balance system of the machining center can adapt to the rapid balance lifting and descending at high speed, without noise, and can make the precision and surface roughness in the processing process. It can greatly improve the service life of the screw and motor.

Conclusion: through our so many years of production and sales experience, we think that small vertical processing with 1:1 counterweight is better, which iwith stable work, large processing center, gantry, horizontal heater. So the nitrogen balance is suggested.