Wind Power Generation

Fan gearbox

In recent years, with the adjustment of national energy structure, there is a large demand for machine tools in the field of energy. The gearbox of the fan is mainly composed of the box body, planetary gear train, and transmission mechanism. The gearbox of the fan is a large-scale box. According to the different power generation, the diameter is about 2-3m, and most of them are split structure. The machine requirement of wind power products is CNC Floor milling and boring machine with a boring bar diameter of about 160-250mm, large horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, etc.

The machining accuracy is required to be high. At present, the basic requirement of using CNC machine tools in the fan industry is 1.5MW and 3MW for some. But within two years, the wind opportunity of 3MW has become the basic equipment of our country.

Transmission gearbox

There is a large amount of gear processing in the gearbox, which needs to produce large-scale inner ring gear, cylindrical spur gear and helical gear in batches. The main processing equipment is large-scale CNC vertical gear hobbing machine, CNC gear shaper, CNC gear grinding machine, etc. Among them, the large-size and large module gears and gear rings adopt CNC forming gear milling machine and CNC forming gear grinding machine.

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