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Sealion Machine Tools

Sealion generally supplying three kinds of machines, lathe both vertical and horizontal, boring machine both floor type and horizontal and even the vertical fine boring machine, machining center including vertical, horizontal, and gantry type. Based on our production facility in Wuhu, Sealion manages to offer a flexible and trustable machine tool proposal to worldwide customers. Besides this, you can also get your job done by Sealion without buying a machine tool as we have a professional team for fabrication and engineering. 

Sealion Machine Tool is one of the professional machine tool manufacturers, which specialized in the lathe in both vertical and horizontal, floor type boring & milling machines, CNC machining center, and rotary table. The production facility is located in Anhui, Wuhu. Based on the 30,000 square meter plant, we manage to satisfy all demands of our customers. 


  • Energy
    SEALION has good experience in the development of specific but cheap machine tools that ensures precision and quality required in the energy sector.
  • Earth Moving
    At present, the construction machinery industry has a considerable scale, which can produce more than 3000 varieties of quality machine tools in 18 categories.
  • Die&Mold
    Quality machine tools can do machining from raw blocks, machining in roughing and fine finishing, machining all kinds of molds and mold-holders in both vertical or horizontal positions.
  • General Machining
    We offer a wide range of quality machine tools for your general machining and fabrication work in your factory.
  • Engines
    SEALION has a wealth of experience in the field of the motor for more than twenty years.
  • Hydrostatic Rotary Table
    We use hydrostatic rotary table for the big vertical lathe, which provides a better performance and high accuracy.
  • Thermo Friendly
    Save time, which improves overall productivity. Save money through reduced energy usage and labor (time) costs
  • DVT Mode
    SEALION modify the conventional machine to be DVT mode. A servo motor will drive the Ballscrew through a gearbox, which provide the best performance, high accuracy, convenient after service.
  • Operator Productivity
    With support from main CNC machine tools suppliers, you’re making a smart investment for the person who’ll be using that machine.
  • Cutting Performance
    Cutting-edge tech leads to enhanced cutting performance.