Gantry Machining Center

Gantry Machining Center

SEALION supplies Gantry Machining Center both tables moving type or gantry moving type. Gantry type machining center is widely used in the aviation, auto, precision molding industries. It provides a high-performance mechanical system and a software interface which can be operated easily. 

Application Fields of Gantry Machining Center

Features of Gantry Machining Center


Gantry machining center has always been a classic and practical machining center series. Since its debut in the industry, it is a highly developed machine. It can handle many heavy-duty precision machining tasks on large and hard workpieces without the need to immediately transfer the machined workpieces to other milling centers during the machining process. In the early days of the slow development of the machinery industry, the machine tool center was developed from the milling machine in the middle of the last century. Since then, the progress of the gantry machining center has been very smooth, and the gantry CNC machining center has been widely used in various industries. Because of its strong adaptability, it has made great contributions to the world's industry.


Swift and Smart

In fact, the gantry CNC machining center is more like an advanced milling machine with excellent functions. The milling process of the gantry CNC machining center is a process in which a rotating tool is used to push the tool into one or more workpieces to remove the workpiece material, just like an ordinary milling machine. At the same time, this processing method can be completed in different directions. Generally speaking, an ordinary machining center installs at least three shafts as its basic components on the basic components.


In addition to turning, milling on gantry CNC machines also covers a wide range of operations, from single small parts to heavy and large milling operations. Similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods, which can achieve precise tolerances within precise requirements. In other words, the application and practicability of machining centers stimulated the development of milling methods, and later became very popular in industries that require strict machining accuracy.


Gantry Machining Center Working Principle

Range of Milling Tools 

Gantry machining center provides processing equipment for different levels of creation. This example includes CNC machining operations, light duty and overwhelming duty.

The spindle is set to open the hole vertically during vertical milling. Among them, the axle is still the fundamental determining factor.

Only with the aid of the axle, the machine can be balanced on all sides of the workpiece material,

The gantry machining center type especially provides CNC machining and VMC. The examples include: WM array vertical CNC machining machine and WM array gantry type processing concentrated in a few design companies.


The shaft characteristics of the gantry milling device

Accessible gantry machining equipment outlines the latest machine planning process to request programming assistance. The processing equipment can be accessed through 5 opposing processing axes. This face-to-face machining reduces the introduction of workpiece metal. Therefore, this machine is multifunctional and can be operated physically and naturally.


X-axis and Y-axis mechanism in gantry milling

The X-hub, Y-hub and Z-pivot axes separate the 5 facing machining axes. The X hub axle can be customized with manual assistance. In addition, Y-hub is tested in programming mode. The Z axis is still helpful for processing metal workpieces with larger widths. The Y-shaped hub and Z-shaped pivot enhance the accuracy of machining operations.