Customer Services

From our 24 hours hotline to remote troubles solving, from preventive maintenance to re-adjusting your machine, with SEALION MACHINE, your machine will be always in good condition. We can offer customers a wide range of services and contracts to ensure the high performances of CNC machine tools remain unaltered over time. 

Once the machine is well assembled in the customer's site, we will have a training programmed inside the machine tools factory for workers and engineers. The training will include how to use the machine from both the mechanic side and the electric side, how to fix the machine when you are facing some small problems, and how to service the machine to get a better machine lifetime. We will prepare the easy-damaged parts list with the details for quick service.

Sealion Machine Tools Provide:

  • HELP-DESK & REMOTE CONTROL: 7/24 hours online, you can always reach us from any corner of the earth.

  • PREVENTIVE CHECK-UP: with our pre-set reminder, users of the machines will know how to check-up the machine and serve the machine correctly.

  • MACHINE CALIBRATION (GEOMETRY): we strongly recommend customer to do the machine calibration every year to extend the machine lifetime.

  • ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS: we keep all the spare parts in stock to make sure our customers get the correct one in first-time.

  • MACHINE RETROFITTING: with our experience in machine tools assembly, we help you to do the machine retrofitting when you move or sell it to others, make sure the machine is right assembled. 

  • ASSEMBLY REPAIR: once your machine is unstable after some years, you may need an assembly repair work for the machine, which is what we do to keep your machine value.