Floor Type Boring Mill

Floor Type Boring Mill

Floor Type Boring Mill is suitable for large size jobs to do milling, boring, drilling, etc. The floor type boring and milling machine is widely used in energy, shipbuilding, mining, nuclear power, etc.

Application Fields of Floor Type Boring Mill

Features of Floor Type Boring Mill

This series of floor type milling & the boring machines are the advanced products of our company. It can do boring, milling, drilling, cutting groove, turning, expanding, etc. The rotary table of our floor boring machines can be equipped together with the boring machine,. Iit can reach 7 axis CNC, and 4 axes can move at the same time by the CNC controller.

It is the perfect machine tool for machining the large workpiece of metallurgy, energy, electric power, mining, engineering machine, national defense industry, shipbuilding, and other heavy industries. The spindle of our floor-type horizontal boring machine is supported by high accuracy rolling bearings. The hydrostatic guideway is the best option for such a heavy machine. The driving system is a double gear anti-backlash mechanism through the ball screw. The main spindle is running perfectly with the thermal control system and hydraulic compensation system. In addition, our floor boring machine can also be equipped with Heidenhain feedback system, to realize the fully automatic control.

As one of the professional boring milling machine manufacturers in China, Sealion offers you a full list of accessories of the boring machine, such as CNC facing head, angle milling head, universal milling head, etc.

Scope of Application of Floor Type Boring Mill

1.Small batches and multiple production parts

2.Parts with complex shapes and high precision, which cannot be processed by general-purpose machine tools or whose quality is difficult to guarantee.

3. During the machining process, multi-process processing must be carried out, for example, milling, boring, countersinking or tapping must be completed in one clamping.

4.Parts whose tolerances must be strictly controlled

5. Workpieces with large cutting allowance

6.Shell or box-shaped parts that are difficult to measure, difficult to control feed, and difficult to control the size of the cavity.

7.Parts whose process and design will change

8. Machining of super heavy parts


The Development Trend of Floor Type Boring Mill

The development of heavy-duty machine tools will present two major trends: (1) Technically, the development direction of machining centers or large-scale flexible processing units, and large-scale combined composite processing machine tools; (2) Pursue refined manufacturing and improve the technological content of equipment manufacturing. The machine tool has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and humanization.

Floor-type milling and boring machines are mainly based on the development of large-scale combined composite machining centers, that is, two or more mainframes are combined into a composite processing machine tool to adapt to the single-piece small-batch production of large-scale processing parts.

The process is complex, the auxiliary time and the processing cycle are long. It is often difficult to complete all the processing procedures by one machine tool, but it can be completely realized by two combined processing centers.

Parameters of Floor Type Boring Mill

Model NoUnitTK6213TK6913TK6216TK6916TK6920
Boring Spindle Diametermm130130160160200
Milling Spindle Diametermm221.44221.44260260340
Spindle Taper
Spindle Speedr/min3-7003-7003-10003-15003-1500
Max Torque of SpindleN.m4,0004,0005,0007,00011,000
Power of Main MotorKw2222377175
Ram Sizemm/350x420/480x520480x520
Column Travel XM4/6/84/6/84/6/86/8/10/126/8/10/12
Vertical Travel YM2/2.52/2.52/32/3/42/3/4/5
Travel of Spindle Zmm1,0007001,0001,2001,200
Ram Travel Wmm/700/1,2001,200
Feeding Speed                  Xmm/min4-3,0004-3,0004-3,0000.5-6,0000.5-6,000
Positioning Accuracy    X&Ymm/1M+/-0.02+/-0.02+/-0.03+/-0.03+/-0.03
Repeatability Accuracymm/1M0.0350.0350.0350.0350.035
Machine WeightKg34,00038,00038,000115,000135,000
Machine SizeM7.9x3.5x5.97.9x3.6x5.98.2x3.6x5.910x3.5x7.012.5x3.5x8.0