Floor Type Boring Mill

Floor Type Boring Mill

Floor Type Boring Mill is suitable for large size jobs to do milling, boring, drilling, etc. The floor type boring and milling machine is widely used in energy, shipbuilding, mining, nuclear power, etc. 

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Application Fields of Floor Type Boring Mill

Advantages of Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

1. X-axis travel is more than 16 meters, Y-axis travel is 5 meters, and the capacity is large.

2. Modular design-select machine features and functions according to the application. Choose from five types of headstocks-two-speed or four-speed, with a spindle diameter ranging from 130 to 180 mm.

3. The design maximizes stiffness through a wide extension, reinforced column, and preloaded rack and pinion X-axis drive.

4. Use the optional horizontal/vertical tool changer arm to replace the tools and accessories in the standard live spindle and right-angle tool head from the tool magazine.

Parameters of Floor Type Boring Mill 

Model NoUnitTK6213TK6913TK6216TK6916TK6920
Boring Spindle Diametermm130130160160200
Milling Spindle Diametermm221.44221.44260260340
Spindle Taper
Spindle Speedr/min3-7003-7003-10003-15003-1500
Max Torque of SpindleN.m4,0004,0005,0007,00011,000
Power of Main MotorKw2222377175
Ram Sizemm/350x420/480x520480x520
Column Travel XM4/6/84/6/84/6/86/8/10/126/8/10/12
Vertical Travel YM2/2.52/2.52/32/3/42/3/4/5
Travel of Spindle Zmm1,0007001,0001,2001,200
Ram Travel Wmm/700/1,2001,200
Feeding Speed                  Xmm/min4-3,0004-3,0004-3,0000.5-6,0000.5-6,000
Positioning Accuracy    X&Ymm/1M+/-0.02+/-0.02+/-0.03+/-0.03+/-0.03
Repeatability Accuracymm/1M0.0350.0350.0350.0350.035
Machine WeightKg34,00038,00038,000115,000135,000
Machine SizeM7.9x3.5x5.97.9x3.6x5.98.2x3.6x5.910x3.5x7.012.5x3.5x8.0