Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center shows its superiority in mold processing. It is the preferred CNC machine tool for small and medium-sized mold parts processing industry. You can do milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping, and other processes in one set-up. A wide range of VMC is for your selection.

Application Fields of Vertical Machining Center

Features of Vertical Machining Center

VMC Series Vertical CNC Machining Center is a new generation of CNC machine tools supplied by our company.

The X, Y, and Z axes can be equipped with a unique linear rolling guide or hardened plastic-bonded guideway.

VMC Series machines use an automatic tool exchange system (ATC), automatic lubrication system, cooling system, automatic chip removal device, manual spray gun, and portable operation device (MPG). All machines are fully protected with a modern cover.

It is not only suitable for the processing of plates, shells, and precision parts,but also suitable for the processing of different kinds of molds.

Once the job is loaded on the table, it can do different processing, such as milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping, etc.

The advantages of the machines are high automation, high reliability, easy to operate. The modern design is highly favored by customers all over the world.

The CNC rotary table can also be installed on the machine tool, the table can be indexed by the system.

Working Principle of Vertical Machining Center


The working principle of the vertical machining center is to automatically process the parts processing program by manual processing procedures according to the part drawings, and convert the various machine tools and all the process parameters required by the parts into acceptable information codes. To the CNC device of the machine tool. These codes are stored on an information carrier (punched tape, disk, etc.), which is sent to the input device. Read the information and send it to the numerical control device, or use the computer to directly communicate with the machining center to realize the input and output of the part program.

Advantages of Vertical Machining Center

  • All castings are built with high tensile Meehanlte FC-30 high alloy cast irons, which provide outstanding wear-resistance.

  • The slideway of the cnc machine tool is equipped with a turn cite-b wear-resistant plate, precision spading, and forced lubrication to improve precision life. Three-axis square slide structure, and after heat treatment hardening, precision grinding.

  • The z-axis is equipped with counterweight balance, and the head rapid feed action and micro feed are very smooth.

  • A fully protected guideway makes sure the chips and coolant do not go into the guideway, extending the machine life.

  • MIS Data Collecting system.

Parameters of Vertical Machining Center

Table Sizemm800x500850x5001050x5601300x6001550x740
Max LoadKg50050080012001500
Spindle Center to Columnmm560560615715810
Spindle Nose to Tablemm130~640130~640150~660130~790150~810
X/Y/Z Travelmm620/500/510820/500/5101020/550/5101220/650/6601530/740/660
X/Y/Z Rapid Speedm/min36/36/3036/36/3036/36/3036/36/3024/24/20
X/Y/Z Feeding Speedm/min1~201~201~201~101~10
Spindle Motor PowerKW11/1511/1511/1511/1511/15
Max Spindle Speedr/min10000 OP1500010000 OP1500010000 OP150006000 OP80006000 OP8000
Spindle Taper
Max Tool WeightKg8882020
Max Tool Dia(Full/Empty)mm78/15078/15078/150110/200110/200
Tool Change TimeSec<2<2<222
X/Y/X Positioning Accuracymm0.0150.0150.0150.0150.015
X/Y/Z Repeatabilitymm0.0060.0060.0060.0060.006
Fanuc 0i-MFFanuc 0i-MFFanuc 0i-MFFanuc 0i-MFFanuc 0i-MF
Overall Diamensionmm3280x2310x27003280x2310x27003430x2880x28003738x3264x29564163x4001x3296

Configuration List of Vertical Machining Center

Standard FeatureOptional FeatureController Option
Arm type 24T ATC#40 Belt-driven spindle 10000rpmMitsubishi M80
Coolant systemArm type 32T ATC systemFanuc 0i-MF
The floating tool clamp systemArm type 40T ATC systemFanuc 31i
Auto. lubrication systemChain type chip conveyor & cartSiemens 828D
Work lampWater curtainSiemens 840D SL
Spindle air blastAuto. tool length measuring deviceHeidenhain
Work air blastAuto. workpiece measuring deviceFagor
Auto. power off (M30)Coolant through spindle
RS-232 interfaceCoolant through the tool holder
Heat exchanger for the elect. cabinet4th Axis rotary table
Leveling bolts & padsTransformer
Adjust tools & toolboxCE Regulation
Fully enclosed splash guard

Rigid tapping

Spindle oil cooler

Dual spiral type chip conveyor in Y-axis

Y-axis adopts 4-box-way design

Powerful chip flush system