Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Flat Bed CNC Lathe can turn large axle parts and disc parts with various kinds of threads, arcs, cones, end faces and inner and outer surfaces of revolving bodies. It can meet the requirements of high-speed cutting.

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Application Fields of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Features of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

A series CNC lathe is controlled by the CNC system for the X and Z axis, which can finish all kinds of cutting and turning on shafts or discs. Such as cylindrical surfaces, circular conical surfaces, arc surfaces, end faces, grooving, chamfering, metric and imperial straight thread, end face thread, and taper thread. This kind of flat bed lathe is suitable for multiply kinds and small or medium batch productions, especially wonderful for complicated and high accuracy parts.

Slant Bed Lathe vs Flatbed

Flatbed lathes remain perfect and can achieve the accuracy of rigid materials, while slant beds can obtain Z-axis movement during processing firstly.

For handling lighter and heavy-load materials, it is best to use a flat bed, because the slant bed can only work on lighter materials.

In terms of low power consumption, higher productivity, stability and machining, flat bed cnc lathe machines are more reliable than slant beds.

Slant bed lathes only work on lighter materials and are therefore relatively beneficial in terms of loading, access and processing, while flat bed lathes require the support of skilled professionals who can handle them correctly.



Applications and Benefits of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

In the case of precise metal positioning, the flat bed CNC lathe can work effectively to achieve high rigidity accuracy. It is Mainly used for heavy-duty cutting. Flat bed CNC lathes are also designed in various forms to manage the light metal and heavy metal turning process. In industries that require more workshop machining, a flat bed CNC lathe is found to be a more suitable choice, because we can obtain precise finishing and feel the ease of cutting and drilling, thus saving economic energy consumption. The most popular industry that flat bed CNC lathe are preferred, such as mining, transportation, paper industry, machinery, power plants, industries with high requirements for drilling technology, metal shearing industry, etc.

Advantages of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

High tension structure. The bed of flat bed cnc lathe is cast with resin sand and treated by artificial aging, so it has good rigidity and shock absorption, which can ensure high-precision machining.

Manual or automatic gearbox

Fast and precision feeding. The longitudinal and transverse motion axes of the machine tool are driven by servo motor, precision ball screw, high rigidity precision bearing, and the position detection feedback by the encoder.

Automatic lubrication system by PLC.

Vertical 4 station tool post or Horizontal 6 station tool post

Manual or hydraulic chuck

Manual or hydraulic tailstock

Fully closed cover with waterproof function.

Forced air cooling system

Parameters of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Max swing over bedmm3604005006308001000
Max swing over cross slidemm180200280320490700
Max job lengthmm100010002000500050006000
Max cutting diameter V4mm360400500630800800
Max cutting diameter H6mm300300400620620620
Spindle center heightmm186200250315400515
Main motor powerkw4.54.58111122
Spindle speedr/min32-200032-200045-20007.5-10007.5-10007.5-1000
Tailstock quill diametermm636375100100100
Max travel of Xmm230230280320400400
Max travel of Zmm8308301935475047505750
X/Z Rapid feed speedm/min4/54/54/84/84/7.54/7.5
Tool Shank Sizemm20x2020x2025x2532x2532x2532x25
Positioning accuracymm0.018
Machine weightKg180018502550480053005600