Double Column Vertical Lathe

Double Column Vertical Lathe

Conventional Double Column Vertical Lathe, Regarding the column heightening model, there is a double sliding column system. The cross beam can move up and down to achieve better cutting accuracy. We have several models to be selected for the best cutting need.

Application Fields of Double Column Vertical Lathe

Features of Conventional Double Column Vertical Lathe

The CNC double column milling machine is suitable for rough or fine machining of auto, bearing, wind power, motor, and water pump, etc.

The base and column use one-piece high-quality castings.

Hydrostatic Table.

X&Z is using a brand linear guideway.

The main transmission is driven by frequency or a servo motor, simple structure, and high transmission efficiency.

Servo motor and gearbox directly drive the Ballscrew for X&Z axis feeding. It can reach high accuracy and fast-moving.

Full cover is your optional together with a chip conveyor and coolant system.

Handheld Unit.

Twin spindle twin turret and twin spindle twin turret CNC lathe.

General Description of Conventional Double Column Vertical Lathe

The conventional column vertical lathe is a heavy-duty machine. It is designed for heavy cutting of your job. The rigid vertical column and base are quality castings, heavily ribbed for reduced thermal distortion and vibration dampening. It is designed for turning of big size workpieces.

The X and Z axis guideways are completely enclosed and a forced lubrication system assures high precision. The Ballscrew driving system enables rapid traverse rates and precision feeding traverse. The precision high-class ballscrews are driven directly by the servo motors, eliminating belts or gears for high precision.

The X & Z-axis can be working with the DRO system, the operator can easily set the tools and work an easier way to finish the machining.

The machine can be modified to be a 2-axis CNC control if you need it in the future.

The automatic lubrication system is standard for this machine.

The machine is equipped with a handheld unit for a better set of tools.

Parameters of Conventional Double Column Vertical Lathe

Model NoC5820C5225C5240C5250C5263C5280
Max Machining Diameter(mm)2,0002,5004,0005,0006,3008,000
Max Machining Height(mm)1,4001,6001,6002,0002,5003,000
Max Load on Table(Kg)6,30010,00015,00032,00063,000100,000
Table Diameter(mm)1,8002,2503,5004,2005,8006,300
Main Motor Power(Kw)55557575110130
Table Rotary Speed(r/min)2.5-802-632-401-350.34-250.25-25
Horizontal Travel X(mm)1,3001,4002,2002,7003,9504,450
Vertical Travel Z(mm)1,3501,0001,0001,2501,6002,000
Feeding Speed of X&Z(mm/min)1-2,0001-2,0001-2,0001-3,0001-3,0001-3,000
Position Accuacy of X&Z(mm/1000mm)+/-0.03+/-0.03+/-0.03+/-0.03+/-0.03+/-0.03
Size of Machine LxWxH (M)3.7x3.6x4.95.4x4.6x4.96.8x5.0x5.08.4x6.3x5.514.2x7.2x9.215.7x8.7x9
Weight of Machine (Kg)25,00035,00050,00080,000180,000260,000