Overview and Operating Precautions of Floor-Type Boring Machine

Introduction to Floor-type Boring Machine

Do you know about floor-type boring machine? In fact, they use a type of non-boring, high-speed processing spindle with many interchangeable cutting heads, making their structure complex.

A variety of mill heads have become an efficient composite processing method with excellent performance and high power. Below, we will briefly introduce the characteristics of floor-type boring machine.

The machining range of floor-type boring machines is very large, especially in terms of power and cutting. However, many processes for milling and boring machines have changed during the development of machine tools. Modern floor-type boring machine technology is developing towards high-speed and high-efficiency direction.

The advantage of the boring machine structure is its fast pillow moving speed, good rigidity, large cross-sectional area, and easy installation on accessories. There are mainly milling heads, high-speed drilling heads, and double swing milling heads. They fully tap into the performance and processing range of floor-type boring machines, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Can the quality and stability of the floor-type boring machine be adjusted? In fact, we can adjust the corresponding gap of the floor-type boring machine using the combination of the tool holder and boring bar to meet our requirements.

We can make the structure more compact by using the rotation of the gears to improve production and usage. It is also very convenient to use, and we can manufacture many boring heads varied according to different needs. To solve the drilling problem of large cylinder bodies and cylinder parts, a simple drilling device has been designed.

During processing, the workpiece must be installed on the machine tool and placed in a reasonable location. After calibration, the tool holder operates on the boring bar, and then the workbench is locked before boring.

If we use this configuration to produce engine cylinders, it will work well because the rigidity of the boring bar is good and it is not easy to bend.

What Should We Pay Attention to when Operating Floor-type Boring Machine?

With the rapid development of social economy, there is a need to update production and processing machinery, and the same goes for the operation of floor-type boring machines. In order to keep up with the pace of development, the application of machine tools also needs to be continuously upgraded, and the operation of floor-type boring machine cannot be careless.

After all, improper operation or problems during operation will affect the quality of processed products. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the normal application of floor-type boring machines.

In the application of floor-type boring machines, the power grid voltage of the machine tool needs to be checked frequently to ensure that it is normal. After 5 minutes of startup, it can be used normally after confirming normal operation. The automatic lubrication system should be opened and the guide rail protection checked with timely oil wiping.

When stopping the machine tool, clean the machine tool dirt in a timely manner, wipe off the oil stains on the guide rail and workbench in time, and cut off the power supply in time. If the user purchases floor-type boring machines mainly for precision machining of workpieces, the accuracy of the machine tool is critical.

The stress of the floor-type boring machine is mainly concentrated on the engine, but there is an important factor that cannot be ignored, namely, the screw. If the moral requirements or thickness of the screw cannot be met, if the planned machine power is too large, the machine speed is fast, and the cutting load is large, the boring machine screw may deform, or even break. Therefore, in this case, the bearing capacity of the screw should also be considered.

In the process of operating floor-type boring machines, normal startup, inspection, and maintenance work are indispensable. If a professional operates the floor-type boring machine, these problems will not occur, so it is necessary to let professionals operate it.