The Requirements of CNC Lathes for Plant Environment Temperature

1. The requirements of CNC turning machines for plant environment temperature

CNC turning machines can efficiently process high-precision turning workpieces, and the processing methods also have functions such as drilling and wire turning. It is suitable for metal materials, short shaft products and parts in the plumbing and sanitary industry. The programming is simple and the processing accuracy is high. It is an ideal equipment for processing small complex shaft parts. When using a turning-milling composite CNC turning machine, ensure a constant level of ambient temperature. The usable ambient temperature requires 10-40℃. When the ambient temperature is 20℃, the humidity should be 40-75%. In order to keep the static accuracy of the machine tool within the specified range, the ambient temperature is required to be 15-25°C, and the temperature difference within 24 hours must not exceed ±2. If the voltage in the application area is unstable, the machine tool should be equipped with a regulated power supply to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool. The lathe must also have a reliable ground wire, the ground wire is copper wire, the diameter should not be less than 10mm², and the ground resistance is less than 4 ohms.

2. Precautions for daily use of CNC turning machines

The daily use of CNC turning machines should be kept away from direct sunlight, vibration sources and heat sources, and avoid places that are too humid, dusty or corrosive. Corrosive gases can easily cause electronic components to be corroded and deteriorated, causing poor contact or short circuits between components, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

The precision lathe should be far away from the equipment with large vibration, such as punching machine, forging equipment, etc. The equipment should not be sealed for long-term use. The CNC turning machine control system should be fully utilized after it is purchased. The weak links that are prone to failure can be exposed as soon as possible in the first year of use and can be eliminated during the warranty period. In order to ensure the normal working performance of the equipment, if the compressed air fails to meet the air source requirements, a set of air source purification device should be added before the machine tool air intake.

When there is no processing task, the CNC turning machine must be energized regularly, 1-2 times a week, and run dry for about 1 hour each time, to use the heat generated by the machine tool to reduce the humidity in the machine, so that the electronic components will not be damp, and at the same time It can find out whether there is a battery alarm in time to prevent the loss of system software and parameters.