What Are the Safety Rules of Machining Center?

In the manufacturing industry, safe production is a very important rule. So in the use of processing centers, which aspects should be paid attention to in the safety rules? Here are a few very important points:

1. Must comply with the safety operating regulations of the machining center.

2. Before work, you should wear protective equipment, tie up your cuffs, and are not allowed to wear scarves, gloves, ties, or aprons. Female workers should wear their hair braids in their hats.

3. Machining center manufacturers should check whether the tool compensation, machine zero point, workpiece zero point, etc. are correct before starting the machining center.

4. The relative position of each button should meet the operating requirements. Carefully compile and enter the numerical control program.

5. It is necessary to check the operation status of the protection, insurance, signal, position, mechanical transmission part, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems on the machining center equipment. Cutting can be performed under all normal conditions.

6. Before processing the machine tool for trial operation, the operating conditions of the lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems should be checked. Cutting can be carried out under all normal conditions.

7. After the machining center machine tool enters the machining operation according to the program, the operator is not allowed to touch the moving workpiece, tool and transmission part, and it is forbidden to transfer or take tools and other items through the rotating part of the machine tool.

8. When adjusting the machine tool, clamping workpieces and tools, and wiping the machine tool, the machine must be stopped.

9. Tools or other objects are not allowed to be placed on electrical appliances, operation cabinets and protective covers.

10. It is not allowed to directly remove iron filings by hand, and special tools should be used for cleaning.

11. If abnormal conditions and alarm signals are found, stop immediately and ask relevant personnel to check.

12. It is not allowed to leave the work post when the machine is running. When leaving for some reason, place the workbench in the middle position, return the tool bar, and stop the machine and cut off the power supply of the host.