What are the Requirements for CNC Machining Center Machine Tools in Mold Processing

What are the requirements for CNC machining center machine tools in mold processing? This paper analyzes the particularity of mold processing, and then puts forward some requirements for the performance of CNC machining center machine tool in view of these particularities, hoping to play a reference role for buyers.

Compared with other mechanical processing, mold processing has its own particularity:

1. Most of the molds need to process complex space curved surface on the solid core metal module. With the development of the mold to large-scale, the weight of the module will be more and more, some of which have reached dozens of tons;

2. Most of them are in the shape of rectangle or concave die;

3. With more and more precise and complex requirements for die products, the requirements for die machining accuracy are also higher and higher. Now the machining accuracy of many molds has reached ± 1 ~ 2 μm, and will soon develop to less than ± 1 μm;

4. With the user's requirements for the mold production cycle becoming shorter and shorter, mold processing should meet the requirements of high efficiency, speed, flexibility, and long-term full load operation.

According to the above four particularities, the following basic requirements are put forward for CNC machining center machine tool of mold processing:

1. The machining center machine tool should have good rigidity and large bearing capacity suitable for the weight of the module;

2. The size of the worktable should be suitable for the shape of the mold. It should be rectangular, square, and round, not narrow and long. However, the height direction and its stroke should have more space;

3. High precision and precision maintenance should be provided;

4. It should be able to quickly and efficiently remove the surplus and have high reliability to maintain continuous and long-term full load operation;

5. In order to adapt to the complex space curved surface processing, and have a large amount of processing, so it is required that the machine tool can be multi-axis linkage, and equipped with large information capacity CNC system.